A wonderful day, I did want a physical and spiritual challenge and this you met beautifully. Thank You K

   My resolve was to recharge and enliven and I feel both. Thank you R

       As ever mind blowing, life changing and inspirational, how do you what it is i/we  need! Thank you, much love L.

   You have been instrumental in bringing us new thoughts and new emotions - till now left uncovered. Your strength is amazing. Love D.

      I came for a weekend of yoga and relaxation and I went away with so much more. A whole new way of living my life. T x

       Dear Mohini, words are not enough! A big thank you for an excellent weekend  and for making me see things a lot clearer. God bless you, Kindest Regards S.

       I had an excellent time! P.S. Thank you for helping me to face myself. E

     Since the first retreat yoga has brought a lot of strength and serenity into my l life.  Thank you for introducing me to it in such a wonderful, relaxing way. P.