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An original and eclectic fusion of Sacred Sound, Chi or Yin Yoga and Meditative Performance 

The Work

This creative, eclectic and innovative workshop/peformance presents a synergy of Sacred Sound, physical and meditative Yin or Chi Yogaflows"™ practices, both dynamic and still, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Meditative Performance The combination of practices is empowering and energising and can encourage stillness, clarity and quietude within having a profound effect on the psyche, enhancing deep relaxation, peace and serenity.  

Chanting and Sounding sacred chants and words of power still the mind and open the heart. The meditative performance which Mohini offers, where she shares her original work, invites a deeper "listening field" within, which encourages a movement away from the mind and into the subtle or energy body.

The natural connection to creative, organic sound, free and spontaneous expression, become a powerful vehicle for the manifestation of the Universal energy or Chi and an instrument for the emergence of healing.



The sessions can be restorative, relaxing and uplifting, enabling gentle release of old paradigms from the body and mind and refocusing into Now. Coming home to ourselves through this practice is empowering and energising., is a natural expression of this work. The workshops will be both physical and meditative through the synergy of Yogaflows™ and The Voice of Yoga.

To hear samples of Mohini's music or for more information on her musical her story, please visit Mohini's music website.



Becoming Sound

Sound is a healing tool. It has been used for millennia, in different worldwide communities, and within diverse systems of health and healing. It is a method of healing our internal health, of upliftment and of opening our hearts and minds. Sound is one of the portals to higher spiritual dimensions. It is a focussing, meditative and transformative tool. Sounding a tone or sound form, conveys a concept and contains in it the very vibration of the experience of its meaning. 

Mohini's work currently covers two main aspects : Sound and Body. Rooting the sounds in the physical body, the whole of which becomes the instrument which we resonate with or "sound through". Working solidly with gravity and balance through yoga, tai chi and chi kung postures with specific control of breathing. Sounding  different vowel sounds. Encouraging full resonance of sound and effortless resonance with oneself.  Through sounding in the above ways we stimulate vibrations at different levels of the body, which resonate with the frequency of that particular energy centre. These centers are stimulated to open and release tension held within. Using sound in this way, which has evolved through the centuries via the yogis, vibrations contained in the sounds have been seen to profoundly affect the states of consciousness. 


The effects of sounding can be :

Accessing the inherent power and experience of each sound. The mind is drawn inwards, internal chatter is minimized and eventually conditioning is transcended. The mind becomes quieter and is ultimately by-passed. The mind receives its energy direct from the "prana" or life-forces generated through the sounding. The mind becomes purified and revitalized. The nervous system is toned and calmed due to the electro-magnetic waves generated within the body and psyche during sounding. The body and mind come into harmony or merge. More internal spaciousness can be experienced. Sounding helps to encourage alignment with consciousness of a particular form which manifests through the vibrations of the tones in the sounds or sound patterns. The internal organs are, massaged and bathed in the healing energy of the sounds. Lung capacity can be increased as the breathing is lengthened, and breathing muscles are strengthened. As energy level are raised we can open to a higher degree of health. Yoga believes that the different layers of mind and body, gross and subtle are nothing but the manifestation of countless numbers of different sound vibrations in varieties of combinations and permutations.

Mohini offers 1-2-1 Sound Therapy sessions. She draws on her life experience and training as a singer and performer, yogi and a recording artiste, as well as her training and personal journey of Humanistic Psychotherapy, Buddhist meditation and Yogic philosophy.To sample some of Mohini's music please clickhere.
Listen to the sound of one hand clapping. Stay There.