No ordinary yoga book.....! 


A dynamic and fluid system to transform your Yoga practice.




Yogaflows elevates our mind and raises our consciousness, allowing us to come into the heart or the core of our being. Very few students can put together a satisfying programme away from a class. Yogaflows has many benefits and it's clear and simple to follow.

There are Yogaflows to reach all levels of yoga practice from basic through to the more intensive.




    This is not just another yoga book

    YOGAFLOWS is a different kind of yoga book

    Until now, the emphasis in yoga books has been on mastering individual poses, and the steps necessary to get into and out of them, rather than on integrating them into a fluid practice.

    A Yogaflow links a sequence of poses seamlessly together to create a free-flowing internal energy that tones, detoxifies and heals the body's systems.


    • Suitable for any level and any type of yoga .
    • Fold-out pages show each flow in its entirety so you don't have to turn pages.
    • Programme is designed to be energising, uplifting and revitalising. Benefits - promotes union of breath, movement and awareness, which can lead to detoxifying and healing of the body; mental alertness, and inner balance .
    • Breathing techniques and specific warm-ups .
    • Focus on Flows section explains difficult transitions between poses .
    • A complete glossary of Asanas (poses), annotated for correct alignment.
    The intelligence to know one's fears,
    and the courage to overcome them